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About the Cosmic Cardinal Cross Astrologer

    Daniel M.H. Gordon lives in Portland, Oregon.
He can be reached at 

    He started studying astrology in 1968, and earned professional certification from International College of Astrology in 1976.  His main interest is mundane astrology as a study of human development, as shown by the extent of articles on this website.

 He learned about the Cosmic Cardinal Cross and studied astrological correspondences to gems, herbs, health foods and all aspects of mysticism and occultism while operating a temple named the Order of Maitreyans, and working in conjunction with the Bodhi Sala Ashrama of Kumi Maitreya from 1968 to 1972. The temple had an extensive library on mysticism and occultism in practice and history.

He took a correspondence course from the International College of Astrology to be a professional astrologer and benefit other people. At the same time, he completed his degree at Tulane University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Business. Before coming to New Orleans, he attended Bard College in New York and New College in Florida.

He moved to Portland, Oregon in 1976 and worked as a professional salesman for ten years, selling large computers, phone services, yachts, solar energy systems, graphic arts supplies and services, personal computers, and real estate. During 1984, he taught English as a second language in a Thai elementary school in Bangkok. During that time he encountered the Theravada Buddhism of Thailand and confirmed many connections with what he had learned in New Orleans about the Cosmic Cardinal Cross. He began work at Intel in 1995 as a Senior Technician and then as an Engineer in Software Quality Assurance research and development.
   In the middle 1980's, he was an active member from the beginning of Portland's Oregon Astrological Association He edited, printed and mailed the newsletter and played emcee at meetings. In 2008 he started his website, the Xstarian Center for Astrology.
   He uses the computer software Sirius, created by AstroSoftware, for his astrology program which sells reports online through his website. He also uses the Solar Fire program created by Esoteric Technologies, and Jigsaw software by Bernadette Brady.


Cosmic Cardinal Cross Astrology
Is About :

  • Humans ruling themselves with knowledge and awareness, because they can and should.
  • The earth and human culture belonging to all people, based on equality and mutual respect.
  • The human mind being trusted to be set free.
  • The method of peace being superior to that of war.
  • Racial, cultural, and political minorities being tolerated, respected and valued.
  • Honesty, fair-mindedness, and scientific spirit in the conduct of open discussion, criticism, and group decision.
  • Respect for and appreciation of talent, training, character, and excellence in all fields of socially useful endeavor.
  • A need and a right to work and practice astrology.
  • The supremacy of the common good.
  • An obligation to be socially informed and intelligent about the nature of humans in society, and the history of the long struggle to liberate the human mind and civilize the human heart, with the resources, achievements, and the promise of American democracy.  
  • Birth and rebirth
  • Better  economic conditions and opportunities for people, with attention to the welfare and long-time interests of society by increasing the strength of loyalties to the democracy of a free people.
  • Educating the next generation on essential values, principles, and procedures for a free people's democracy in their behavior, feelings and thought.
  • A bold, honest, and dynamic leadership.
  • Guarding against totalitarian attitudes, demagogy and methods, and stopping undemocratic practices and dispositions inherited from the past.



Cosmic Cardinal Cross Astrology
Is Not About:

  • An organization of a disciplined party
  • A personality cult
  • Transmigration or eternality of souls
  • A formulation of a “grand program”
  • An appeal to idealism and heroism
  • The cultivation and utilization of human weaknesses
  • The undermining of social solidarity
  •  The creation of confusion
  • The arousing and spreading of terror
  • The exploitation of the very processes and virtues of democracy
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