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Cosmic Cardinal Cross Astrology
The Astrology of Freedom!
based on
The Oneness of All Life
Individual Freedom Rights


Number 9,
The energies run 1 above 3 above 7 above 12, and all are united.
         Remember, Light is Life is Love is Law; so the circle is squared.
                                                                                Number 13

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You need an astrologer when you want:

  • A comprehensive overview
  • More detail and perspective
  • Your information sifted and prioritized
  • A personal focus on a particular matter
  • Your lifetime report
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An Astrological Dialectic of History 
Esoteric Xstarian



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This is good information, free!! 

               Your horoscope chart is free to you with no strings attached. Just click on the link above and scroll down to click on the button for a free chart wheel; then fill in your birth data and get your chart by email. If you want, you can order and securely pay over the internet for a report, an informative astrology report accurately calculated and computer generated, which is immediately e-mailed to you. The report is based upon the position of the heavens for the time and place of birth. The analysis is based upon principles of astrology conservatively applied in a consistent way.

These reports are a service to help you understand what your horoscope means. They are written by third-party authors and give good quality analysis. You can read about your potential for success and your lines of character, about timing and passing influences. They provide basic answers and indications, and  I recommend you read these reports before any personal consultation. However, they are limited in explaining your complex and multi-level circumstances and character development and evolution. They are limited in the explanation of how your chart unfolds for you over your lifetime. Here is where a live astrologer with knowledge can generate the additional calculations and analyze it for you. A good astrologer for you might be one who can tell you what you need to know when you need to know it, in a way that you can understand.

As an Astrologer, I  can give you astrological understanding applied to your situation with more detail and clearer perspective beyond the reports offered across the internet.  Specifically, when you need special astrological transits, and when you need customized progressions for the Moon or planets, then I can help you by providing the calculations and the interpretations. More importantly, I interpret and explain complex and multi-level elements of  the astrological analysis. I can provide a comprehensive overview using astrological information for focus and perspective. I may be able to help you when just computer reports cannot answer or encompass your questions or concerns.   


 To read my predictions for the next 400 years for the mundane world, click on the Future.













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